Buyers Information Sheet

To help us process your closing, please provide the following information, which we will keep private and confidential. Please enter the required information below. Please double check the information before submitting.

    1. Property Being Purchased:

    2. Buyer's Name(s) (required):

    (Please enter exactly like you want your names to appear on the deed)

    3. Phone # (s):

    4. Your Email (required):

    5. Marital status of buyers (select one):

    6. If there is more than one buyer and they are not husband and wife, please specify how you want to take title. If you are unsure please click on “Common Title Vesting Options”. If you are still not sure, please contact an attorney.
    Title Vesting as:

    7. Will this be your primary residence:

    8. Current mailing address:

    9. Address you want on the deed if different from above (this is the address the county will mail documents to you):

    10. If getting a mortgage what is your lender contact information?

    Name of lender:

    Phone #:

    Your lender contact name:

    Lender email address(s):

    11. Will all buyers be present at the closing?
    If not, who will not be present and where do you want us to overnight the closing documents to:

    12. Please supply any other information you feel we should know:

    13. We require funds for closing to be in the form of a wire transfer.

    Please indicate how many wire transfers your will be sending?