Seller’s Information Sheet

To help us process your closing, please provide the following information, which we will keep private and confidential. Please enter the required information below. Please double check the information before submitting.

    1. Property Being Sold:

    2. Seller's Name(s) (required):

    3. Current Address:

    4. Phone # (s):

    5. Your Email (required):

    6. Are You a US Citizen?


    7. Seller's SSN:

    Person #1

    Person #2

    Please call if you don’t feel comfortable submitting over the internet.

    8. Marital status of sellers (select one):

    9. If there are more than one seller and they are not husband and wife, please clarify marital status of each:

    10. Seller’s address after the sale:

    11. Will all sellers be present at the closing? YesNo

    If not what address do you want us to overnight the closing documents to?

    12. Do you want your proceeds in the form of a: CheckWire Transfer

    Your funds will be disbursed to how you take title on the property. If you own the property in a trust, the funds have to be cut or wired to the trust's name.

    13. Please provide the following information on all mortgages and equity lines of credits against the property:

    1st Mortgage:

    Name of lender (REQUIRED- If No lender, enter N/A or No loan):

    Phone #:

    Loan #:

    2nd Mortgage:

    Name of lender (REQUIRED- If No lender, enter N/A or No loan):

    Phone #:

    Loan #:

    14. Are there tenants renting the property? YesNo

    If so please supply the following information:

    Rent amount:

    Security deposit:

    Rent is prorated from: (YYYY-MM-DD) to:

    15. Condominium or Home Owner’s Association information (If there are more than one association, please note it in section 13):

    Managed by:

    Phone number:

    16. If you have owned the property for less than 3 years, please supply us with your prior Owner’s Title Insurance policy to possibly receive a credit.

    17. Please supply any other information you feel we should know:

    NOTE: We will need the most recently paid water utility bill within 2 weeks of closing for the sale of any house (not for condos). We will email you to remind you.